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On Placement: What's it like to work with Thunk-It Theatre?

Just when we thought our summer itinerary couldn't get any more exciting- we had, Molly, a fabulous placement student come and join us for 5 weeks! Here is exactly what she has to say about her time with us.


What’s it like to work with Thunk-It Theatre, making exciting and creative theatre projects across North Yorkshire and East Riding, meeting young people from all walks of life and adding a splash of theatre sparkle into their Summer Holidays? Truly, it’s nothing short of inspiring, moving, and entertaining- and I only got a glimpse into the provisions available here at Thunk-It! For our Professional Development module of the BA Acting for Stage and Screen at York College University Centre, we were expected to complete 5 weeks of Work Experience to gain an insight into working in the industry, exploring a sector of modern-day theatre we would consider approaching upon completing our degree and looking for employment. I chose to reach out to Thunk-It to open the door to family-theatre work, especially providing projects for young people, and to see how these provisions have developed since being a young person myself looking for these opportunities.

The fabulous, Luna Hex, serving us some dramatic performance at our Yorkshire Day Drag Quiz. She is wearing all red with tall black boots.

I got to participate in several projects including: The Yorkshire Day Drag Quiz Fundraiser at the White Horse Pub, where I got to work as my Drag Queen alias Luna Hex, hosting a Yorkshire Quiz and helping raise £180 to provide three fully subsidised places in the Autumn term Youth Theatre.

Molly, our placement student, leading a wonderful exercise with our youth group.

I also had the opportunity to spend 3 days at Carlton Lodge participating in a FEAST Provision for SEND youth, where we created a small production of Hansel and Gretel including set design and art, which helped me gain beneficial knowledge on how to work with people with accessibility needs not only professionally but personally.

I finished my work experience taking part a 5-day production of Tim Crouch’s Am I a Robot in Thunk-It’s Summer School for 10–16-year-olds in collaboration with Pocklington Arts Centre. This was truly a highlight of mine; I will never forget seeing these young people gain so much confidence and creativity in such a short amount of time just by collaborating with their peers in a safe environment, and just having a lot of fun.

An on-stage view of the youth theatre summer performance. By the facial expressions... I'd say it is a very serious scene!

Thunk-It provide a selfless and enthusiastic approach to modern theatre provisions and helping young people develop a vast variety of skills for them to take into adulthood, from acting technique and a glimpse into the industry, to team building and communication skills. Their progressive and inclusive outlook is a refreshing insight into what the future of theatre looks like, and their values of Create, Collaboration and Community are three things I value myself and without a shadow of a doubt do they live up to those values. I have had so much fun getting to work with Thunk-It, both behind the scenes and on-the-spot, both as Molly and as Luna, and am endlessly grateful to them for this fantastic opportunity in taking my first steps into the industry.


From all of our team at Thunk-It Theatre, we want to add a little message to say THANK YOU and send all of our best wishes as Molly goes forward into her performing arts career... which we are SURE will be full of: glamour, smiles and endless fun opportunities. Molly's hard-work and general amazingness makes us all wish those 5 weeks were just a little bit longer!

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