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Everyone has a story to tell. Here at Thunk-It, we believe in working to make sure everyone from all walks of life has the opportunity to be heard. Alongside our community based projects, we also deliver performances both with and for the Community.

Check out our latest Professional and Youth Theatre performances below!

Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates on ways you can get involved, get creative and get THUNKY!

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Text that reads: Our Latest Performance!

Hover for a sneak peek of the BRAND-NEW New Girl trailer!
For the full screen version head to the blog post!

''We felt that the message was very strongly about friendships and how these can be formed with people who are different to oneself. We felt the message about being kind to others and the importance of friendship for helping people feel included and happy was important too. We could see this fitting into our PSHE scheme, definitely!''

KS1 Teacher

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