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Common Ground: Back in the Room

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

November 2021 and February 2022: Finding ways to help those affected by isolation and loneliness.

Living through a pandemic is extremely troubling and at some point, we all felt separated. But for some, they had already been isolated due to physical, financial or social barriers before the pandemic and this only made things worse. No matter the circumstance, be it a new experience or an unfortunate long-term experience, we knew it was important to reach out.

The project included 9 workshops that explored creative communication, such as: letter writing, origami, and postcard creation - facilitated by industry leaders with experience of delivering successful intergenerational work. Allowing us to reflect on the impact of COVID and look to the future creating a shared piece of art.

Held at Door 84, we ran three workshops for 16 - 25 year olds, three for 50 + and three for anyone of either age to join. Loneliness can affect anyone of ANY age and so it was important to demonstrate the shared experience and connect with as many people as possible.

These sessions culminated in a pulling together of the work created as an exhibition for friends, family, and the Groves community to come see, enjoy, and celebrate.

Our overall aims were to highlight the shared experiences felt by the participants and instigate long-term and meaningful relationships. The workshops explored tools which can be used to continue communication in participants' day to day lives, which can ultimately help combat isolation and loneliness.



"I had great fun each week, the activities were all interesting and

engaging and I always had a great cup of tea. The sessions were always a

highlight of my week it was great to get out the house to meet people and

get involved" - Participant

"Thunk-it are such a lovely and supportive company, they have made me feel part of a community" - Participant

A person with short brown hair in a mustard jumper and blue jeans stands outside with a paintbrush and paint palette, painting a colourful brick wall outside. On the wall are paintings of large objects like a tea cup and candy canes, accompanied with the words 'The Grove community art hall'.

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