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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Fairies are elusive magical creatures hiding among the flora and fauna of even the busy modern world, similar to the Foss Fairy Trail itself- a magical nature trail just off the busy road of Huntington Road. A hidden gem that even many York residents haven't had the chance to explore.

Our Enchanted project encouraged participants from The Groves area and wider communities to start their day outdoors with craft-making and storytelling based in this gorgeous outdoor location. The Foss Fairy Trail created a magical atmosphere and really brought participants to another world - where they could relax, disconnect from the stresses of day-to-day life and just enjoy focusing on a craft... transporting even the oldest of our participants back to the childish wonder of folklore, imagination and creativity.

What creativity can you discover just off your doorstep?



“I didn’t think fairy crafting stuff was for me - but I’ve loved it!”


"It’s so nice to find free fun activities that are for everyone."


“What a nice way to spend a morning!"


The photo is split in two. On the right is a photo of Co-Artistic Director Becky outside, crouching on brown autumn leaves, attaching cut up pieces of paper in the shape of butterflies to netting on a brick wall. Becky is a white woman with medium length brown hair that is clipped back. She is wearing auburn orange trousers and a black t-shirt, and is smiling at the camera. On the left is a photo of the other Co-Artistic Director Jules, stood in front of the same netting, also attaching the paper butterflies. Jules is a white woman with long wavy brown hair. She is wearing a pink and white stripey long sleeved top with brown overalls on. She is smiling at the camera.

What next?

The project aimed to reduce isolation and loneliness of those who felt disconnected from their community and encouraged people to get outside and get active, as a way to increase physical and mental wellbeing. We have absolutely love running our 'Enchanted' craft workshops for the Groves area and wider communities and they have proved to us the need for accessible arts provisions in York, that welcome all and encourage community and creativity. This project has enabled us to solidify our connections to other organisations in the area and to create new ones. We are so thankful to our funders for enabling us to provide these workshops for free, and look forward to offering more accessible arts provisions in York in the future.

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