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Mummy, There's a New Girl

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Inspired by the incredible children's book by Danielle Webb, ‘Mummy, There's a New Girl’, we present a 20-minute performance that promotes friendship and inclusion.

The story follows a student learning about difference with their Mummy and how they can be a good friend to a new girl who joins their school...

We are so pleased to have been able to offer a total of FIVE performances at the Market Weighton Wicstun Centre. Each followed by a 30-minute workshop which used playful drama based activities to explore the themes of: uniqueness and friendship.

At the end of every session we invited a representative from the charity Little People UK to read the original book and allowed audiences to ask questions in a safe space.



"What a brilliant way to help children understand how they can challenge discrimination and embrace difference. Thank you for introducing such a powerful Message"

Grown-Up Audience Member

"I really liked it, it made me laugh and I’d like to come again”

Young Audience Member

In the children's section of a library, a group of adults and children are sat on the floor. Danielle is sat in front of the group, holding a book and talking. Danielle has dwarfism, has long brown hair, and is wearing a red top and black trousers.


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