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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The last six months have been such a fantastic, fun, and rewarding whirlwind that has once again proven to us the need for accessible youth theatre provisions in rural areas.

We have been absolutely blown away by the response to this project and have felt so lucky to have been able to offer this opportunity to so many young people completely FREE, all thanks to funding from the I AM fund.

This fund has enabled 44 young people to access six months of free youth theatre, have free healthy snacks at each session, and share their hard work at the Pocklington Arts Centre - filmed and shared as part of an international project!

Through this project the young people have learnt skills in performance, singing, dance, stage managing, set design, costume design, prop making, devising, and more. On top of that, we have been able to offer professional development opportunities, such as; headshots, professional photographs of their performances, film of the show (that could be used as a showreel), and discussions on what it's like working in the performing arts industry.



"I learnt not just how to act properly, but also to have confidence in yourself and never give up" - Participant

"It's amazing!! Everyone is so welcoming and kind. It's great, I really recommend it." - Participant

On a dark stage with red and blue lights, a group of children dressed as pirates stand in a triangle shape. At the head of the traingle is a child holding the steering wheel of a ship, making the triangle shape seem to resemble the shape of a ship. Down the sides of the triangle there are props such as a pirate flag, an anchor, and netting.
Spyrates | Pocklington Arts Centre

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