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A Summer of Thunky Fun!

Hello Again!

Welcome back to our blog for our Summer 2023 Round-Up!

There's never just one good time of the year to bring creativity to the community, and arguably, there are times other than summer that it is more important to do so... but, you cannot deny the pure joy of summer theatre fun with the: SUNSHINE, the ice creams, the longer days, and for many of our young people, no school!

So, here is a round-up of all of our fantastic memories made this summer 2023!

Taking Space!

We started the summer with an incredible performance from our 'Taking Space!' Youth Theatre group. The young people worked super hard to combine all of their ideas, uniqueness, creativity and passion for theatre into a SPECTACULAR showing. Well done, all!

Thank you to: Dulverton Trust, Pocklington Arts Centre, Wolds Pride, Young People Count.

Make Space For Girls

The Friends of Rowntree Park organised a fabulous day full of female empowerment and we are so grateful to have been a part of this. We loved celebrating the day with a FREE drama workshop in the beaming sunshine.

Creative Corner

Based at Tang Hall Youth Club we ran a five-week creative project including: drama, scriptwriting and all things creative! We have LOVED this project and are hoping to extend this going forward, so keep an eye out on our social media for updates and please donate if you are able and wish to in order to help us continue these great projects.

Thank you to: Community First Prime Opportunities.

Yorkshire Day Drag Quiz

Presented by the amazing Luna Hex! You can read more about this event on our latest blog... including the reveal of how much we made at this wonderful fundraiser! (Hint, we are so so so thankful and happy).

Thank you to: The White Horse pub on Bootham.


We can't mention Luna Hex without once again saying a big thank you to Molly, our placement student who joined us for part of this summer. Thank you, Molly!

Check out her blog post about her time with us here: !

SEND Play-In-A-Week

A wonderful week filled with laughter, friendships and so much creativity! We ended the week with a performance of 'Hansel and Gretel', we really wish that we could go back and re-live this week again!

Here is the link to a reel of fun moments from this week: !

Thank you to: FEAST, North Yorkshire Together, Department for Education.

Are You A Robot?

If you thought we would stop at one play-in-a-week project, then you absolutely thought wrong! We had another fabulous week, this time as part of the 'Positive Stories for Negative Times' project, with our young people creating a performance of Tim Crouch's 'Are You A Robot?' after just 5 days too... and, what a performance it was! Check out the gallery here:

Am I A Robot, mid-performance. Smiles everywhere and clothes racks in the background.

Thank you to: I AM.

LPUK 2023: New Girl!

Heading to the Little People UK Annual Event with 'New Girl' was one of the most wholesome and fantastic endings to our summer schedule. Seeing Amy bring to life Danielle Webb's beautiful story once again was FANTASTIC and this was followed by a reading of the original book: 'Mummy, There's a New Girl' by Danielle herself. What an INCREDIBLE day! Oh, AND it was Becky's birthday... so the day couldn't get much better!

Accessible Arts, York

We were so grateful to be a part of the IMPs Holiday Club with Accessible Arts, York and had a great time creating rhythms to the beats of our names, dancing and have an all-round thunky time! This isn't the last of their holiday club offerings this summer, so head to their page if you'd be interested in joining in with Accessible Arts!

Well, we think this has been an AMAZING summer and we STILL have 4 MONTHS left of 2023... This has been our BIGGEST summer offering of thunky creativity yet and we can't wait to see how much more fun we can s q u e e z e into this year.

We hope that you are ready for oodles and oodles more!

Best wishes going into the new school year to our young people! And, don't forget, we still have youth theatre places available too!

-Team Thunk-It.

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