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History of You

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Two weeks of free thunky fun over the summer months with incredible young people... what more could we ask for?!

Providing accessible creative provisions for rural areas is super important to us and we are proud to have engaged with two fantastic youth clubs (Young People Count and Platform 66) to meet those already attending the venues, as well as introduce new young people into these spaces.

We spent such a lovely week sharing stories about where we come from, what is important to us, and what we want to say about where we live. Developing creative outlets under the title of: History of You. We are so proud to have been able to offer young people the chance to creatively explore their own past and identity as this is incredibly beneficial to their personal development, especially in the ever-changing world of modern society. The number of community members exploring their identities and individual histories was exciting to see and it really gave the young people a sense of support and encouragement.

This project has helped Thunk-It Theatre engage with more families, organisations and businesses around the area - establishing us within the community and helping to continue the legacy of this project. We cannot thank our funders enough for their support of this project and we can't wait to continue offering accessible arts provisions in rural areas!



"I like it a lot as I was able to tell people about me”


"Providing a safe inclusive space for young people to make this fantastic piece of theatre! Fantastic show!”

Audience member

A group of 5 young people stand in a group inside a room with white walls and large black letters painted on.  One young person in the right of the photo has short dark curly hair, is wearing a black zip up jacket, and is holding one hand to their chest, speaking out. The other young people are looking at them, smiling.

We have felt so lucky to be able to provide this project COMPLETELY FREE thanks to funding from Nimbus Care and the Two Ridings Community Foundation.

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